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A half century of milling, reference projects in all over the world.

Himmet Usta was established in 1960, started producing mobile mill in a small workshop, however now is continuing in a modern area that has 15.000m2 indoor, totally 35.000m2 field with its 120 qualified personnel.
Since the company founded, research and development is very important for the company, by means of R&D, Himmet Usta analises the expectations and requests of the sector by improving the production range. In 70's milling machines with horizontal cylinder, in 80's machines for salt, feed, lentil and farina mills were manufactured by Himmet Usta. Also it has another important role in the sector by producing pneumatic roller mill in Turkey first in 1990.
Started to establish complited (turn-key) factories, Himmet Usta provides entegration system to the customers by producing all goods with the respect of own brand and own quality.
Today it produces machines with the modern manufacturing substructure, experienced technical staff and high technology CAD-CAM softwares aided CNC Machines. The company controls all steps of the production.
Focusing on customer pleasure, the company has marketing, manufacture, sales, assembly and post-sales assistance departments which are in international standarts. The production quality of the company is recorded by EN ISO 9001-2008 certificates.Today Himmet Usta has proud of exporting its products to over 30 countries in Middle-East, Turks Republics, Europe, America, Africa and Asia.